Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a very useful online marketing strategy. Essentially, it is about adding finely tuned keywords to web pages of a web site. When done properly, millions of online web searchers can find the corresponding web site among millions of top search results.

Search Engines

" Create pages designed for each specific engine because different engine has its unique likes and dislikes.
" Always be up-to-date with search engines because they change their ranking algorithms quite frequently.
" Search engines like simplicity because simple web sites do not use techniques that confused the engines.

Search engine optimization software

Choosing Keywords

" Optimize each page for one or two keywords only because in order to have a top ranking for a keyword, that keyword has to be used through out tags and body text, and arrive at an appropriate "keyword weight".

" Use two-word or three-word keywords instead one-word keywords unless they are unique, like "JavaScript". One-word keywords can sometimes be misleading and searchers know that they will get better results with multi-word keywords.

" Beware that some search engine are case sensitive so to ensure that the approach to each engine is ideal, try to search a keyword in that engine in all variations: all uppercase, all lowercase, and upper- and lowercase. If the results are different for some or all, then need to include those variations of the keyword in the web page's tags for that engine.

" Find tune a keyword such that it reflects the content of the web page by targeting traffic which is looking for that particular web page. Utilize keywords that most searchers use, and also closely match the web page offering.

" Use longer variation and plural of the keywords because most search engines parse words for their roots, removing all prefixes and suffixes (word stemming).

Keywords Relevancy Factors

  • Prominence. How early in a web page's title, description, body text, and so on does a keyword appear? By using keywords early in the tags and body text, increasing its prominence, thus improving the relevancy.
  • Frequency. How frequently is a keyword used in the tags or body text? Be careful about repeating keyword in any tag. If repeated too many times could be accused of "keyword stuffing".
  • Keyword Weight. How many times a keyword is used in relation to the total number of words on the web page?
  • Proximity. How near the keywords are placed in relation to each other? As a rule of thumb, keep keywords near to each other.

Keywords Placement

" Title tag.
" Meta description tag.
" Meta keyword tag.
" Headline tag.
" Alt tag.
" File name.
" Link text.
" Body text.

Remember the prominence of keywords

  • Make the first twenty-five words in the body text keyword rich.
  • Search engines retrieve the first few lines of the web page to use as the description of the web page in the search results, be sure to not only put a number of keywords in there, but also make that text inviting.
  • Spread keywords throughout the body text in natural sounding paragraphs, keeping some fairly close together for proximity's sake.
  • Put keywords toward the end of the text as well.
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Web Marketing Search engine optimization is a very useful online marketing strategy. Essentially, it is about adding...

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